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  • The 400 Blows

    The 400 Blows


    as with literally every time i consume anything truffautian, watching this with robert lachenay's commentary was absurdly inspiring in a really specifically useful way to a script i'm writing??

    anyway, some things i learned/want to remember:

    - truffaut:balzac is me:truffaut aka lachenay started reading balzac just so he'd have something to talk to truffaut about because as a 13 year old he read THE LILY AND THE VALLEY and would not shut up about how a guy kisses a woman's…

  • The Straight Story

    The Straight Story


    i never knew either of my grandfathers (my paternal one died when my father was four years old, my maternal one died when i was a baby) but whenever i think of my maternal grandfather, the image in my mind is of him sitting on a riding lawnmower wearing a big white hat, mowing his tiny front yard in central new york. all i know about him are stories, and even when my mom tells stories about him from her…

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  • Lost Highway

    Lost Highway


    i just knew this movie would FUCK in theaters and guess what it DOES! i also just love that it's 2.5 hours of being like "ok david...idk where you're going with this but i'll keep watching and find out" and then at the end david is just like "stream i'm deranged by david bowie 😘" without any elaboration and it's like....thank u for the vibes king

  • Lemmings



    the whole thing is mean-spirited and pretty unfunny, but at least there's a really solid joni mitchell impression and john belushi as joe cocker is very good and christopher guest's bob dylan is also good. did not love having to sit through that painful joan baez parody where the joke is that she keeps saying the n-word over and over again

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  • House of Gucci

    House of Gucci


    i am simply thinking about:
    1) al pacino’s entrance in the film is that he is looking at a tabloid photo of adam driver and lady gaga and he says, “whaaaat is thiiIIiissss”
    2) a character alive, saying a thing, cut to IMMEDIATELY, that character dead in casket alskdks it made me laugh
    3) lady gaga really hamming it up sucking on a spoon she used to stir her coffee

    so silly, somehow adam driver is the least unhinged person…

  • Maurice



    maurice is one of my favorite films because it isn't afraid to exist within duplicities. it is delicate and messy, heartbreaking and joyous, precise and passionate. i love every second.

    something i noticed on this viewing is the film's theme of what is natural vs. what is unnatural. maurice is constantly surrounded by plants, greenery, and other parts of nature; for example when he and clive lie in the field together, it is a moment when both characters are doing…