Serpico ★★★

It's shocking to think that police corruption could be as widespread as presented in this film. Everywhere Serpico turns, he's surrounded by it to the point I was thinking, surely not all these cops are dirty. That and if they are, how is he not dead yet? Speaking of which, the opening shows Serpico just having been shot and being taken to the hospital, so I knew right off the bat what the movie was leading up to, which somewhat served to disengage me. There also wasn't a strong narrative flow. Just somewhat disjointed scraps of life here and there because a lot of time had to be covered from the time Serpico graduates from the academy to his long battle to expose the corruption he discovers. Pacino clearly demonstrates Serpico's emotions and values through his interactions and passionate dialogue, but he also reveals the fear. Serpico doesn't have a death wish. He wants the people in charge to do their job so he doesn't have to risk his life.

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