Dune ★★★★★

Loved loved LOVED this film. So much. Denis Villenueve has crafted an epic experience that captures the complexities of the Dune story yet makes it watchable and, more importantly, understandable to the average viewer. I really enjoyed the massive scope of the film as well as its personal, emotional story at its core. All of the performances just fit perfectly and the film is a marvel, technically. This thing is a shoe-in for the technical Oscars (sound, VFX, cinematography). Hans Zimmer’s score here is also a massive standout. It’s so different from the rest of his scores, but it fits so well. I know a common complaint is that it’s a slow burn, but I really never felt that. It wastes no time developing the story, the world, and the characters throughout. I’m beyond thrilled that this is a part one, because the thought of getting more out of this world from Denis Villenueve gets me excited. I can’t wait to watch this again. 

Also, see this in IMAX if you can. At least theaters. HBO Max is convenient, but this film deserves the theatrical experience.

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