The Northman

The Northman ★★★★

I’ve been wanting to see THE NORTHMAN since the project was first announced a few years ago. I was slightly skeptical cuz I was a fan of THE WITCH, but didn’t like THE LIGHTHOUSE, so I was curious where I’d stand with Egger’s third film. Then I heard a while ago that the reception in test screenings weren’t good, that it was hard to follow and “made no sense” causing the movie to undergo some reshoots. 

THE NORTHMAN has some great cinematography. And I really ended up enjoying this! I didn’t find it hard to follow and I thought the whole concept and execution was interesting. It’s definitely a weird movie. As I was leaving the theater, a guy behind me muttered to himself “what the fuck was that”. It has quite a bit of “what the fuck” value to it, that will make some people loathe what they just watched. But I was all for it. It’s a fun adventure. 


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