Spencer ★★★★½


I’ll never forget a story my grandpa told me recently. He once sat next to Princess Diana at a dinner party. He and Diana sparked a conversation and she quickly began to vent to my grandpa about how she felt the Queen and the Royal family ostracized her and that she didn’t feel welcomed within the Royal family, as they didn’t treat her well. And about a little over a year later is when she died. 

Spencer perfectly articulated the shuttered loneliness Diana feels from being involved with the Royal family, suffocating in a life she doesn’t enjoy. Kristen Stewart, an actress who for the past decade has quietly made a great resume within the independent film world, gives one of the best performances I’ve seen in years as Diana. This film wouldn’t haven’t worked with an authentic performance by Stewart but she plays the role majestically. But the film’s brilliance doesn’t stop there. Pablo Larrain directs with a force and the film has such magnetically eye opening cinematography that is just so nice to look at. Such a great movie.

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