The Northman

The Northman ★★★★½

Reasons to see this on the biggest screen possible:
- Alexander Skarsgård in all his buff glory, along with his mystical eyes
- Anya Taylor-Joy
- Willem Dafoe being a weirdo, even if not for very long
- Ethan Hawke howling
- Nicole Kidman chewing the scenery as only she can
- Claes Bang, secret MVP
- Anya Taylor-Joy
- A collection of the most badass kills you'll see this year
- Skeleton fight
- Naked final boss fight in a volcano
- Anya Taylor-Joy
- Robert Eggers continuing his quest of being a total madman
- Jarin Blaschke's gorgeous use of lighting
- Viking songs
- Valkyrie ascending to Valhalla imagery
- Anya Taylor-Joy

2022 in film
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