Dune ★★★★

So I saw it again and I must say I liked it a lot more this second time around. Now, don't get me wrong, I still have most of the same issues that I mentioned in my previous review, but I think coming to terms with the fact that this was never going to be the definitive adaptation, since the only way to fully adapt the book would be via a miniseries format, allowed me to take in this experience better, being able to set aside those massive expectations.

Addressing the issues I previously had, I didn't feel the sound mixing to be nearly as terrible this time around despite seeing it again in a theater, meaning that my previous bad experience might've stemmed more from that screening's sound system. I've been listening to Zimmer's score and, while it might be a little too bombastic at times, it still overall manages to evoke powerful emotion. Also, while I still feel the supporting characters are a bit too sidelined and loosely developed (Yueh especially), I get that it might've been difficult following so many characters without a bloated runtime, so I understand why instead they chose to focus this more simply on Paul's journey.

I'm really glad I gave this another chance, hopefully Villeneuve gets to make Part 2 and this story can finally be completed the way it deserves to be.

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