The Northman

The Northman ★★★★★

In absolute awe right now at the crafting of a film that's truly as gorgeous and as grimy as this, but seeing how much Robert Eggers has been able to bring out with a bigger budget compared to his preceding two films only further cements his status as one of this generation's most unique and exciting auteurs.

Every minute of this movie truly feels like it's making the most of its spectacle, whether it's the Hamlet narrative (Amleth's story served as the inspiration for Shakespeare's renowned play) or the intricacy to the production design, but I think what makes a film like The Northman feel truly special, when put alongside Eggers's past films, comes from how much detail Eggers puts into recreating the eras depicted in his work. Perhaps it's something that can be said about all of his films, yet this might be the one with the most impressive work in my eyes.

Career best performance from Alexander Skarsgård, and if anything it's nice to see Björk on the big screen again.

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