Scream ★★½

At times a nice little stab at the new "legacy sequel" trend developing from beloved horror franchises coming back, though there's a certain charm that Wes Craven built upon in the original film that's ultimately missing from here. The self-referential humour of the series makes for some really entertaining moments (especially given the fact the opening pokes at the notion of "elevated horror" and the way in which fandom culture claims they "own" beloved movie franchises), but it also comes off with a certain smugness that's often put me away from the film.

This has always been my general problem with the Scream series on the whole, in the way each film addresses the manner in which they are slasher films in the making, but with every movie coming onward it seems like this is all that they're aiming to hammer down as if we didn't get it the first time. Some great kills though, and Mikey Madison is a scene-stealer. File this under "not for me."

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