Queen of Earth

Queen of Earth ★★★★

Alex Ross Perry's Queen of Earth borders quite a lot on the films that inspired it, whether it comes from Ingmar Bergman's Persona or Robert Altman's 3 Women. Admittedly, watching the films that inspired what Queen of Earth is heading out for may have lessened the impact it has had on me when I first saw it but I'm not denying this; it's still a great film. From what I've seen of him already, I can already say Alex Ross Perry is a fascinating director to look out for, even though I'm probably not nearly as blown away with his work to the degree I know some are.

Queen of Earth is a film about identity, much like its inspirations. There are many parallels that can be drawn between this and Persona or 3 Women and if you've already seen those two films it's rather easy to see how much of an impact they have had on this. Though not quite up to the levels of those two it's still rather fascinating to see how much Alex Ross Perry is able to make with what he has at hand. It's not quite as fully realized but it's always going to present something of interest as it keeps going.

Some I know see Queen of Earth as a horror film to an extent but instead what I'm seeing here is instead some well-done melodrama. That's part of where I felt underwhelmed especially knowing that Persona and 3 Women managed to leave what I'd grow to see as a terrifying mark inside of my head but the very best thing that's shown here is that it's not overdone melodrama. It is continuously engaging as there's always something of interest coming as it keeps going.

The star at hand is Elisabeth Moss, in easily one of the best performances of the year. Her breakdown in a way goes back to remind me of Shelley Duvall in 3 Women. I've been a fan of hers ever since Mad Men and she still continues to impress me with the incredible work she offers on film as shown in here. It's a nuanced, riveting performance that only grows to stick with you upon more thought. Already something like this deserves credit for what has been pulled off.

Queen of Earth is a fascinating character piece, and it goes to show how Alex Ross Perry continues to pique my own interest. I was a little underwhelmed considering the extremely positive buzz I heard from some peers especially as some stretched it out to say it's a horror film, as instead I read it as excellent melodrama. Don't come in expecting another Persona or 3 Women, expect what you would think a film inspired by the two could be.

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