Lightyear ★★

The funniest joke to come out from this movie is the way it opens: "In 1995, a boy named Andy got a toy from his favourite movie. This is that movie." It's especially funny because there's nothing about Lightyear that seems to feel like it was ever made to stand out from most other science fiction adventure fare - but certainly making it all about a figure who was turned into a beloved character would be an easy sell, maybe for franchise material, right?

But I think that when you're considering that sort of lore going behind this, not only is it more needlessly convoluted than it should sound, yet oddly enough, the actual story we're being told here is one that's so straight-faced, because this movie wants to reassure us that this isn't the same Buzz Lightyear we knew and fell in love with at one point of our lives. This is the "human" Buzz Lightyear after all, who we knew would be carrying that same rhetoric we were familiar with, but it just isn't as fun anymore because the context where it fits within the Toy Story movies made for one of the reasons this gag worked so well within the first two films.

Even separate from that, there's just nothing especially remarkable about this. It's almost astonishing to think that Disney saw that Pixar had this and Turning Red within the same year, and decided that this was the one that was more worthy of a theatrical release when it doesn't add much else to the Buzz Lightyear lore that the early 2000's TV show Buzz Lightyear of Star Command didn't already do.

And don't even get me started on Disney congratulating themselves for "gay rep," especially when said character was only within the first few minutes of the film, her wife had no lines, and eventually dies later on. It's one thing to say "at least they didn't cut it," but another if there was anything about it that felt substantial.

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