Cure ★★★★★

Cure sets itself up like a police procedural, only for that to be a perfect setup for a terrifying descent into madness. Throughout Cure, you feel Kiyoshi Kurosawa setting the film up to lead your mind one way, but as the pieces come together slowly it only hits you that something else doesn't fully add up. But what truly makes Cure so terrifying all comes down to the fact that you'll have to partake in building the mind of the killer himself, at the expense of the world around you.

In empty spaces, we feel those inner demons reaching out to us in some way or another, but it's also brilliantly set up by how it distorts your perception of reality whether it be through the sounds or how much space you have around yourself. By a certain point, it becomes about accepting the fact the killer has become a part of your mind as evil never escapes you while you pursue it so relentlessly.

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