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As my first diary entry of 2018, here are some mental notes that I took as I was watching Blade Runner on the big screen.

- Despite him being the protagonist, I'm still astonished that people still see Rick Deckard as the hero, despite the nature of his profession and the way he treats Rachael.

- The visuals haven't shined any more beautifully than they could already have, and by today's standards they are still mind-blowing.

- The multitude of characters feel so distinctively mechanic and yet this is where it also finds its greatest strengths as one of the most psychologically complex science fiction films ever made.

- Whether Rick Deckard is a Replicant or not, the fact the story is told from his point of view rather than Batty's helps reinforce the film's meaning of "being more human than human."

- Roy Batty did nothing wrong, all he wanted was a longer lifespan.

- Roy Batty's final speech is one of the greatest moments in cinema history, and Roy Batty is one of the greatest characters ever to grace the screen in general.

- For as faithful as Blade Runner 2049 was to the style of this, I do wish that it had more to stand out as its own individual experience (and I loved 2049).

- I'm fairly certain the Final Cut version is the only one I will revisit this frequently.

- It's too bad she won't live, but then again who does?

- This is one of the greatest things ever to grace a screen of any sort, Ridley Scott's finest achievement as a filmmaker, and I know I will have a whole lot more to write about it in the future.

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