A Knight's Tale

A Knight's Tale ★★★★

35mm print

Saw this only knowing in passing about the film opening with a completely diegetic performance of Queen's "We Will Rock You" amidst a completely anachronistic setting, came out having received something that went beyond what I could have expected soon enough with Paul Bettany's entrance being in the nude. Subverted my expectations perhaps in the best manner which it could have, first with how genuinely funny it is - taking old English text and spicing that up with obviously American eyes not just to modernize but lovingly lampoon attempts to tell these stories with a straight face. But also with how all the jousting scenes are so well-staged, to be able to witness them on the big screen, let alone on a 35mm print had me left with a feeling I hadn't experienced from most blockbusters in a while.

But Heath Ledger steals the show, not just as your typical "pretty boy" but as someone who really started from nowhere and worked his way up to the title of a noble by nature of his own pride. For every anachronistic needle drop that came in, I only felt like I wanted more.

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