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  • Barbie



    The Greta Gerwig and Noah Baumbach duo have concocted together such a crazy, fun imbued jaunt, that's somehow in equal amounts extraordinarily silly, sincerely heartfelt, unfeignedly didactic and so much more. Sure, its attempts of poking fun at itself but still largely being a sprucely embellished corporate product might inherently be very contradictory on their own, but the incessant sincerity and love with which Gerwig has treated the material here, mostly clears away the stenchy aftertaste they might leave. It…

  • Oppenheimer



    Oppenheimer is an incredibly transcendental achievement in filmmaking — it offers an harrowing, multifaceted look into a complicated, contradicting walking enigma. This is easily Nolan's most provocative and thought-provoking film, and while this is definitely him back to his grounded procedural roots, it's also somehow surprisingly his most personal and emotionally resonant film yet. To say that this is only simply a glorification of a troubled and tortured scientist would be a grave oversimplication, because even Nolan measuredly doesn't offer…

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  • A Aa

    A Aa


    Trivikram very casually normalising incest💀

  • GodFather



    Our standards have fallen so fucking low that people are declaring something like *this* great and making it a hit. I mean fair, it's not the outright rod, the trailers made it seem to be, but this ain't it chief. While, directors like Rajamouli and Sukumar have been gingerly perfecting the art of masala filmmaking, the rest don't seem to have a bother to catch up. It's also pretty suprising that Salman agreed to play second fiddle to Chiranjeevi, it's even outright hilarious, because none of it makes any damn sense 💀