RRR ★★★★½

One cannot just be told of the awe-inducing insanity that is RRR. It’s a common saying, but I mean it with every fiber of my being when I say that this a film that must be seen to be believed. Not only is it an extraordinary sight to behold, but it is one of the most infectiously joyful, endlessly entertaining, and emotionally rewarding films to come out in recent years. It’s the kind of thing that all blockbusters should strive to be: a true, undiluted, passionately crafted spectacle. 

The friendship at the center of the movie will no doubt go down as one of the greatest duos to ever appear on the silver screen. Ram Charan and N.T. Rama Rao Jr. have outstanding chemistry. The bond that’s formed can be felt throughout the entire experience and I couldn’t help but care about everything that happens to them. In every dramatic beat, I was completely glued to the screen. And the action scenes they share are indescribable. It’s a wholly captivating ride. The film more than earns its 3 hour runtime and flies by, not wasting a single second. And I honestly could’ve watched another 3 hours of them, if the film kept up this enjoyable of a time. 

Because of the ways in which our two leads function, the movie can come off as pretty silly. Its style is over-the-top for sure and many moments will feel too ridiculous for some. But from the opening frame, S. S. Rajamouli and co just decide to run with it, and the energy that is brought to the table is irresistible. There is no holding back here, and I would argue that the movie is all the better for it. Every piece of the picture serves this greater purpose. I mean, if that Naatu Naatu musical number doesn’t sell you on the film’s power, I’m afraid the movies just might not be for you.

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