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  • Wood Job!

    Wood Job!


    Back in the early Aughts, I came across a Japanese movie in a video store dollar bin called ADRENALINE DRIVE. It turned out to be a peculiar comedy/romance/yakuza thriller and become a brief staple of past movie nights. I recently watched it again, and was surprised at how well it held up. I was curious to see what that film's director-- Shinobu Yaguchi-- had been up to since then, and eventually ended up with a copy of the oddly named…

  • The Emoji Movie

    The Emoji Movie


    Day TWO of the EMOJI MOVIE EXPERIENCE. Today's focus: This Movie's 3D is Bullshit and It Has A Secret Satanic Plotline

    But first, you may notice half a star added to the rating of this movie. I should come clean. I went with the flow of the crowd that says this movie should be terrible. It really isn't. It's at least base-line competently made. It has the occasional laughable moment. It has sins and offenses, but they're pretty much the…

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  • Reminiscence



    Hard to believe that somebody sold a movie based on the elevator pitch “What if STRANGE DAYS, but boring?”

  • Murder Unincorporated

    Murder Unincorporated


    I love this movie's premise of a gang of gimmicky hitmen. They are for the most part delightful (Though the one scene with the Native American themed assassin... YIKES!), and this has some fun and quirky filmmaking that I really admire.

    But once everyone's been introduced, things slow down and meander too much for me. Jokes stop landing, feel dated, or seem too culturally specific for my American brain to get. It still has a capacity for fun, but I don't see myself revisiting it as much as other Nikkatsu releases.

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