The Fanatic

The Fanatic ½

I’m a shmuck for raving Portrait of a Lady on Fire as the best of 2019. I’m a shmuck for thinking Under the Skin is the most daring film of the decade. I’m a shmuck for even saying films can be perfect before watching this jewel encrusted shit that is The Fanatic. 

Jesus Christ what a way to start the new decade. No character arcs, mindless violence, overly dramatic score this film is a gold mine. 

I feel not many people are talking about the drawings that occasionally pop up. What the fuck are they? Why are they so inconsistently shown? I haven’t a single clue on any choice made here. 

This film made me sad. Sad that I lacked the capacity to create something this god awful and terrible. Fred Durst I spit in your face while giving the strongest salute.


Oh and I don’t need to mention anything about Travolta.

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