The Batman

The Batman ★★★★

few things i noticed:

1. the character of batman, or more specifically bruce wayne, has at this point become so fluid that he can be anyone the filmmaker chooses in the context of their own project. 

2. it's got to the point where a Batman Movie has become a genre of its own, detached from the Superhero Movie or Comic Book Movie genres, and it's interesting to see how filmmakers can create a unique... thing with its own ideologies and subtexts from a canon which is so established, and a symbol (the bat) which is so synonymous with pre-established themes. 

3. speaking of symbols, this film jumps right into the action of the story, with no backstory or even any set-up; reeves assumes that the audience member is already familiar with The Batman, and why shouldn't they be?

4. for a film so shrouded in darkness visually, the message of the film is surprisingly hopeful.

5. robert pattinson

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