Scream VI

Scream VI ★★★½

“He was a limp-dick little fuck who cried before I slit his throat.”
- Sam Carpenter

Really not a great time to be finishing my Scream series rewatch but oh well. I’m in it now. So let’s go.👻  I liked this more on the rewatch. Mainly because of the third act. Those sisters absolutely killed it. Ortega stabbed that boy through the mouth. What a kill!🫣🩸

I only fault it because nobody really dies but the Lesbian love interest🏳️‍🌈. I’m all for a slasher where no developed character dies but if you’re doing that just let the gays be happy.🤦‍♀️  Rather A. make it a bloodbath💀and kill some others or B. don’t kill Anika either and let the gays be happy & live👩🏽‍❤️‍💋‍👩🏻. Her death scene felt so dragged out and cruel🪜 that it was so confusing when they seemed almost scared to let anyone else die after.🫤

There are 5 new characters. A dead gay, a bland dude, and then the other 3 were all the killers. All the returners got to live so why kill Anika?😒

Honestly, Gale gets more annoying each movie so they could’ve offed her😵. Although, I did love her getting punched in the face again. Dumbass never learns.👊

Anyway, I’m whining but it’s still a fun movie🍿. I like Kirby & new-Randy (I forget her name) bonding over horror movies. Mindy. It’s Mindy. I just remembered. That was sweet.🥹

Who knows what will become of this franchise now but if the Carpenter sisters are really gone then that sucks.🖕🏻 They made this repetitive movie work.

I did miss Sid & Dewey so this is going near the bottom of my ranking. Still better than Part 2, though.

Scream- ranked
I gotta stop watching slashers, I swear. So many stabbings.🔪
I need to do a Romcom binge to recover.😭

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