Top Gun: Maverick

Top Gun: Maverick ★★★

Decent and most of the time engaging. I don't agree with the average Letterboxd rating making this look like it's way better than the original Top Gun. It isn't, which is most clearly illustrated by the attempt at recreating the volleyball scene (it is a bit better in doing over some others, like the epic opening, yet it also feels a bit too much like it is just trying to build on plain and simple nostalgia). It thinks that it can easily capture the vibe, but loses sight of the fact that the volleyball scene works as good as it does because of the context of the rest of the original movie. As my friend predicted, they wouldn't dare to get away with being as boldly homoerotic as the first one is. Which isn't to say it doesn't succeed surprisingly well in making me forget its flaws and just keeping me invested. Though I sometimes got a tiny bit distracted by the weird hair colour and moustache of Miles Teller. It's uncanny.

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