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  • Women Talking

    Women Talking

    From moment one it became clear that this movie was not going to work for me. The drab colours and especially the terrible voice-over got on my bad side from the get go. The voice-over leaves no room for interpretation and it spells out everything so boringly. That same feeling stayed when the women started talking. Their discussion feels like people took an essay about feminist issues and just let characters speak them out. The actresses are good, but their…

  • Himizu



    Who are we, who do we want to become and who can we become? Are we defined by our surroundings or our deeds? Are dreams enough to hold onto and what are good intentions worth? Sono asks many big questions and with 'Adagio for Strings' playing, the weight of those questions is underlined. But apart from its heavy-handedness and the bleak world of our protagonist, it's also a movie about hope and the future.

    At first I was just thinking…

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  • Sweet Dreams

    Sweet Dreams

    Renée Soutendijk was born to play in this movie. I can literally see no one else playing this part as pitch perfect as her. Her pronunciation which reminds of earlier times, her balancing of humor and seriousness and of course her filmography make her inhabit this part. But it wouldn't be fair to not also credit the sharp screenplay that gives Soutendijk enough to work with. And of course the other actors should not be forgotten as well. I adored…

  • Afire



    As is often the case with movies by Christian Petzold one is left feeling slightly confused, displaced in a sense. The way he approaches characters is in circles, pushing them closer and closer to the edge, revealing their weak spots. Here it is almost literally, because his characters get trapped by fire.

    In Roter Himmel the main character is writer Thomas who is confronted with his egocentrism and a sense of loss about who he is. Even though he is…

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  • The Captain

    The Captain


    Der Hauptmann is no easy watch. Everything from the dark humor to the soundtrack makes this one of the most suffocating movies I have seen. Because of that it leaves a very strong impression and gives a lot of food for thought. And I guess that is something all of the moviegoers felt up to a certain level, because nobody said a word after the end credits had rolled (those end credits are great BTW).

    Der Hauptmann is about power…

  • Anne+: The Film

    Anne+: The Film

    Is this is a cinematic masterpiece? No. Does it fill my heart with joy (and my eyes with the occasional tears)? Definitely yes. I also think that Maud Wiemeijer is a very good writer of dialogue and especially the arguing between Anne and Sara felt just so real. Apart from that there were so many recognizable moments and even though it at times it might state its points a bit too obviously, I simply can’t help to just be glad…