Tetra Vaal

Tetra Vaal ★★★½

You can see the footprints of where Neill Blomkamp wanted to go as a filmmaker, and honestly for effects done in 2004 on a presumedly small budget, I have to say that I'm still impressed.

Although Tetra Vaal isn't as deep as Blomkamp's other projects, you can still get all of the themes established in CHAPPiE and District 9 summed up in one small film. Obviously, a feature length film can explore the themes in greater detail (and they do), but Blomkamp does a solid job of showcasing his world in a very short but effective short film.

And yeah, I'm 100% sure that this is still canon in Blomkamp's universe. This has to be the early stages/prototype designs of the CHAPPiE styled police bots.

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