The Little Things

The Little Things ★★½

Another reminder of just how good Denzel is at acting (even when he's not really trying), as he consistently elevates material that is, most certainly, beneath his pay grade (see also: THE EQUALIZER films, which I quite enjoy). This is a rather drab attempt at delivering a 2021 equivalent to the mid-90s, mid-range genre thriller that sadly went out of style, right down to inexplicably being set in 1990 (a period that's thankfully only signaled via background details, such as a GOODFELLAS billboard or a D.A.R.E. coffee mug one detective sips from).

Were COVID not happening and theaters still open, THE LITTLE THINGS would be a great example of a typical January dump. Here are three stars kind of going through the motions of a movie that thinks it has more on its mind than it actually does. Really, it's just cliche-riddled serial killer airport novel cinema, with Jared Leto yet again doing a Capital T THING that's annoying ("holy guacamole", indeed) and leaving you wanting to hit his greaseball murder suspect in the face with a shovel. In short, it's competent enough, but you'll forget you watched it by Summer, barring there's still enough mainstream cinema to fill the void during that period.