Scream ★★★★

“For Wes.”

Takes the series back to being a work of real time genre criticism - a thread sadly lost after SCREAM 2 and only occasionally hit upon by the TV Series - while simultaneously operating as the best pure slasher since the OG (the violence in this one is easily the franchise’s most vicious). Everyone’s game, and the new kids are legitimately fucking great (an element missing from the abysmal SCREAM 4 - a misstep this seems to be actively attempting to walk back), but David Arquette steals the entire thing by actually delivering a grizzled, pathos laden performance that grounds the entire picture (no, seriously). Honestly, it’s the rebootquel I hoped Green’s HALLOWEEN would be: a reclaiming of a beloved horror staple that actually has something new to say and works to find interesting ways to say it instead of blandly attempting to placate those looking for something merely fashionable instead of both modern and fun.