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This review may contain spoilers.

I am speechless. From Stewart’s insane performance to Larrain’s impeccable narrative structure and direction, to the master Claire Mathon’s incredible cinematography and Greenwood’s monumental score - this film is firing on every cylinder. There is no criticism or thought I can give to this film that would knock it down, it demands our attention and my obsession time and time again, it can never be watched too many times. Best of the year hands down, and deserving of every Oscar it could receive.


TFF 2021 (Sept 4th and Sept 6th - Q&A)
Update: saw the film again Sept 6th at a Q&A with Pablo Larrain and Kristen Stewart. Even better with every watch, an absolute masterpiece. They talked about camera proximity to the actor, having a close connection with Claire Mathon, the three act (Crisis, Ghost, Healing) and her only “choice” being to leave with her children, filming the dancing montage every day of filming (last 30 min of each day) carrying around the wardrobe and a speaker and letting Stewart go. Diane’s life is told through long lenses, and their choice to use wide angle close up to bring a proximity but also a degree of separation. Stewart is so aware of the camera and how to act to the camera, you change your performance based on where the camera is. Mathon was able to capture every nuance and moment of her performance.