Zodiac ★★★★★

Yes! Yes! You guys really did it this time! Thank you Vidyuth, DoubleD, Movies, parley, and Rocco, who kept shoving this recommendation up my cinephile's donkey. Because guess what. I watched Zodiac for the first time yesterday, and I loved it!

Although not Fincher's best, Zodiac is easily one of the Fincher films that made me excited about every twist or turn. Easily one of my favorite crime films of all time, right there with Memories of Murder, The Godfather, and American Animals.

The editing is a little hit or miss here, the film can sometimes feel a bit too long, which sorta sucks, because I didn't want this film to end, and the acting was sometimes a bit more disappointing.

But nonetheless, YES. I will watch this film over and over again. Thank you for coming to my Zodiac appreciation review. I thank you all :)

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