The Kid

The Kid ★★★★½

Me: -enjoying The Kid in film class-

Everyone: bruh why was there no music.

Anyways, here's my tacky cringy school review:
This film tells you right off the bat that this film is an emotional and heartfelt story, and it does it very well. The film surprisingly still looks great despite its old look. It's also really sad given that this mother is actually abandoning her own son, showing how much she regrets having this kid. It also tells us details about other characters that show for only a few minutes but they use it in a way it helps us understand what is happening, for example, it shows that the father is more caring about his art rather than his wife. The lack of dialogue is surprisingly well done because Chaplin and other silent films were really good at, and it depended a lot more on action rather than subtitles, making it makes it easier to distinguish it without it looking that confusing. There are a lot of setting cuts and interesting transitions as well as using traditional classic silent movie text box tropes. The misc-en-scene is incredibly detailed and there is incredibly subtle foreshadowing at times. It is not overtly pretentious but it is not overtly subtle either because the film has a lot of good metaphors and subtle allusions to the film's themes of parenthood and morality.

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