Cinderella ★★★½

A bit confounding and disorienting, to be sure, but also a lot of fun when you just lean in to it. Oh, the Lip-syncing is pretty atrocious in a lot of, there is that. I think I'm still processing how I really feel about it. I enjoyed the spin on the familiar classic story, they gave it an update in a lot of ways which will rub purists the wrong way but...get over it, I guess. I did find the whole production to be dizzying in the best and worst of ways. Like, I could NOT get a handle on the time period we are going feels like they gave Cinderella the "Hamilton" treatment by having a ambiguously past setting with modernized music and vocals...and that brings up another weird element, there's original songs, but otherwise it's a jukebox musical...Some of the song choices work and others don't. The dance sequences are great and Camila Cabello herself is charming as hell, and, no surprise, has a great singing voice. Loved the inclusion of Billy Porter in the Fairy Godmother role. Idina Menzel was fierce. I liked it, but it's a very strange piece of work. It borrowed a lot of elements that worked in Ever After and the Brandy version of Cinderella.

And...Million to One is a banger...sorry.

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