Monster ★★★★½

The monster is here, it always will be. Different shapes different sizes. Incomprehensible. Unstoppable. It’s here to eat, it’s here to toy, it’s here to test. It’s so much more than just a fairytale. 

Do we invite the monster? Do we’d accept the inevitable wrath the monster entails and submit to its wrath? Maybe try and curry favor with it and hope to buy more time? Maybe we’re no better than that monster and secretly wish to gain something from it; as monstrous as that sounds. Driven by fear. Driven by hatred. Driven by despair. It could be a million reasons but it just takes one to walk with the monster and be no better.

Do we fight the monster? Can the monster be killed? Should it be killed? Is there a necessity to monsters in our world? Can the balance be upset and shepherd in a new world for better or worse. Would the attempt only anger the beast and bring a whole new much worse wrath than before? Is it worth the risk? Or would it just be a waste of time? Because the monster has nothing but time.

Do we run from the monster? Can we outrun the monster? Will that trigger its pursuit ensure safety? How far do we run? How far can we run? Is there a promised land the monster never reaches? Or is just the sheer knowledge enough to seal our fates and make running meaningless? Why stress and sweat when there’s no changing what’s to come? Can we bare the misery that entails? Can we make it long enough for it to stay away?

Who is the monster? Who has been the monster? Who will become the monster? Am I the monster?

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