Encanto ★★★★

Really great movie, enjoyed watching this one a whole lot. One of the main words I would use to describe Encanto is “vibrant.” Pretty much almost everything in this movie was full of so much energy and life, it was very enjoyable all around. It looks absolutely gorgeous of course, I loved the look of both the characters and the environments, especially the house itself, it’s really great. The characters are all very interesting and entertaining, and, despite the large number of them, everyone managed to leave an impression. The story itself was really well told and crafted, helped along by a pretty great script. Some moments were just flat out amazing. (one scene near the end comes to mind) While the issues I did have with the movie were a result of the story and writing, (not anything huge, but occasional moments here and there) it was all still really solid in that department. It has some themes that I actually didn’t expect to be in here, but I loved the way they were presented in the context of the story. And the songs, of course, were also all great. Catchy melodies, good lyrics, all of them fit in, and the visuals attached to the songs were always interesting. My favorite song was “We Don’t Talk About Bruno,” which had a whole lot going on, but I liked all of it. Maybe it’s not Miranda’s best song-writing work, (even for Disney, Moana was his best so far) but whatever, they’re all great anyway. And the voice-acting is all excellent, everyone was doing solid work here. Stephanie Beatriz was really good in particular. Overall, a great movie that had a whole lot to appreciate about it.

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