The Northman

The Northman ★★★★½

when it finished there was complete silence in the cinema until a lady said 'fuckin hell' which then caused a domino effect of a least 10 people saying 'oh my god' and 'jesus fucking christ', and i think that perfectly summed up the experience of watching this. it's everything i wanted it to be and more, with so much effort, care and attention to detail put into it, and all of that resulted in a brutal and mesmerising revenge epic that stands in a league of its own. robert eggers is a visionary who is exactly what the film industry needs right now, and even with a huge cast and a lot more money, he doesn't lose his signature 'this film is amazing/what the fuck am i watching' style, which just further proves how talented he is as a filmmaker. i also think this might have my favourite nicole kidman performance ever, and alexander skarsgard is an actual BEAST. the visuals are beautiful but sometimes haunting, the one scene of that blue eyed viking riding towards the light was actually incredibly terrifying and may have let out a little huge scream. but i mean it has vikings, death and bjork. what more could you possibly want.

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