M3GAN ★★★

they knew EXACTLY what they were doing when they made this... the random aerial cartwheel before a murder, the creepy titanium rendition, and a psychopathic robot doll with a cool bow. but honestly it wasn't as camp as i wanted it to be, it wasn't as scary as i wanted it to be (apart from some of the attempts at acting) and having watched the trailer maybe 3 times, they for sure put all the best parts in it, which was kind of disappointing. it also took too long for us to meet megan, and once we did, for a while it felt quite slow (until the fun little killing started). i feel like what was missing was the lack of a smooth blend of the creepiness of the atmosphere with the brutality of the murders, and if they had done that it would've really been able to hit the sweet spot that they were so close to hitting. so i hope that they are able to refine that with the next film, because i went in feeling way more scared than i did when i walked out. but she did kinda slay

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