Boiling Point

Boiling Point ★★★★★

jesus fucking christ my heart nearly had a stroke. the fact that it's one take and the use of close ups elevated the stress, panic, and claustrophobia to a degree that was slightly painful to watch but at the same time an incredible and one of a kind viewing experience. i could've watched it for hours, every performance is so realistic and you have no idea what's gonna happen with each encounter. when the camera would follow a server walking towards a table i could feel my heart beating out of my chest because i was worried that they were gonna trip and fall or have to face a twatty customer which would cause a chain of fuckery that would affect the rest of the film. it shows every sort of customer when you're a server that you never want to face, from the horrendous to the super over-friendly. and stephen graham is amazing (as usual), and definitely gives one of my favourite performances of the year. i know i could watch this over and over again, so if you get the chance to watch please do because you won't be disappointed.

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