The One and Only Ivan

The One and Only Ivan ★★★½

Yay I’m glad I liked this. I was looking forward to it a lot. 

Not a perfect film, but it’s pretty good all around. I love this story and was happy in terms of the way they executed it. There was some great use of cgi that really brought the animals to life. My man, Bryan Cranston was cool to see in this. He always gives a good performance. The rest of the cast was solid as well. Many emotional moments hit and made the movie feel more compelling. Though, I just had a fun time with this. 

In terms of negatives, some jokes in here are pretty childish and just don’t land with me. Not a huge deal, but thought it was worth mentioning. Can’t say there’s much else I disliked about this movie, but this is just one of those scenarios in which this is just a perfectly fine movie. And that’s... fine.

Good film. I liked it. One of the better movies of this year.

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