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  • Evergreen


    Evergreen is a unique film in the oeuvre of Todd that I’ve seen thus far. While it starts off like the other works, an intimate and impressionistic look at nature, the switch halfway through to an industrial harbor was quite jarring as well as perplexing. The two juxtaposing landscapes also vary in depth from the closeups of leaves, and palpable grass moving across one’s legs, to the foreboding nature of an ocean dominated by cargo ships. The scale is monumental…

  • Chimera



    Unfamiliar with Hoffman’s work, the first thought that enters one’s mind when watching Chimera is the clear parallels the work makes with the frantic zooming that is almost synonymous with Teo Hernández. The probability of there being an influence of Teo on Hoffman is possible, but the way in which he describes the zoom as a cubist tool to bridge the various shots from around the world implies a personal theory on its use developed by Hoffman albeit one that…

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  • Fat Girl
  • Dracula



    After watching this film, the biggest thing I can take away from it was how it made Nosferatu become a much stronger film in my eyes. This time, with the author's consent, the tale of Dracula becomes less intense as the German silent precursor. It's pretty similar beat for beat and it's not just the repetition that bored me, it was the lack of style accompanying it. Nosferatu had bravado with its style; interesting color choices, a haunting antagonist, and…