Spencer ★★★★★

Kristen Stewart’s ability to cry emotion into effort is unreal. When dealing with the task of portraying a life like Diana Spencer takes determination and in Spencer, Stewart releases that every time she opens her mouth and supplies that rich, and authentic accent of Lady Diana. But to depict such a tragic life you have to make sure that the facts mix with the interpretation, and with Pablo Larraín’s flow of elegance in every frame shows the full light on her struggle and contentment she had to have to hide her vulnerability. With every mound of dialogue, Stewart was able to reveal a tone that contained an emotional balance that focused true to her. The atmosphere of the film is flawless. The detail in the costumes, the color choices in the production, and Johnny Greenwood’s dramatizational beauty of his complex and graceful score that (just like Larraín’s 2016 film Jackie) tells the story just as much as Diana herself.

All I know is that this awards season is opening up some amazing contenders. The pure flawlessness of Stewart’s execution is (and I know I say this a lot but is) unlike anything that I’ve seen in my time of watching cinema. The pure will to command what she did is revolutionary. For an actress who’s been categorized into what people want her to be, taking the step into this was exceptional work from her. I never thought in a million years she could do something like this and make such an emotional impact on me the way she did playing Diana.

I mean BRA-FUCKING-VO👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻


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