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This review may contain spoilers.

Wow... it’s films like I Care a Lot that give you that unique kind of filmmaking that happens only so often when you really invest yourself with everything surrounding the film. J Blakeson’s craft here really shows that definitely in full scale here. While I don’t think it’s a MASTERPIECE I do still like it a lot(😉). And I was engaged the enitre time, the interesting storyline is what really had me hooked. And also the entire time I was pulled on whether to like or dislike Marla Grayson, and that was because of the writing and Rosamund Pike’s beautifully twisted performance. She just really was made for this role and is hard to watch this and imagine someone else playing Marla cause she did so good. I appreciated her emotion here while nothing to showy, her settle elegance was outstanding. Also I want to point out also that Diane Wiest absolutely crushed her role here as well. It was just so powerful to see a living legend of Cinema in a small & fun Dramedy like I Care a Lot. 

The character of Marla Grayson was a beautiful thing to watch. Not just cause of Rosamund Pike’s performance, but by how strict and subdued she was. When I watched this character I took in the matter that this woman has been intoxicated with the thought of the “American Dream.” And what I see as the “American Dream” is power. And where do these types of people get their power. Money, lots and lots of money. Marla Grayson starts to gain an obsession with money and that’s why she stuck to Mrs. Peterson for so long, and she knew the entire time that this was a bad situation but since she knew money was involved she ignored the consequences and ultimately got submerged into the American Dream. And that ending is her receiving her consequences she ignored all that time and that led to her basically getting shot. It’s just a case of being careful with the decisions you make and what will/could happen if you do it the wrong way, and Marla is a great example of the wrong way.


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