Fantastic Mr. Fox

Fantastic Mr. Fox ★★★½

Fantastic Mr. Fox, is another Wes Anderson Stop motion film, about Mr. Fox, who after living a nice, happy life with his Wife Felicity, and his son Ash, goes back to his old habits, and commands the Greatest chicken heist the animal world has ever seen.

Like isle of dogs, this film... is ok. It’s definitely the same score as Isle of Dogs, for sure, cause it basically(to me) has the same pro’s and con’s. I still don’t love stop motion, but I think it’s ok, and this film made me like it 0.4% more, cause i had some great fun with it. One of the most amazing parts, ONCE AGAIN, is the score from Desplat, I mean the music in this film is PHENOMENAL, and just adds a good thing to this film, AND it deserved that Oscar nom 101%! And like Isle of Dogs, it was sort of Deserved for an animated feature nom. 

I will say the character design on this film was a lot better then Isle of Dogs, I found it to be quite enjoyable, to see the facial expression’s on there faces, and how they moved the character’s.

I completely ADORED the voice Acting. George Clooney was OUTSTANDING as the voice of Mr. Fox, and his character was so spunky, and so cocky, but that’s who he is so, Clooney did that perfectly. The other voicing that I loved was Jason Schwartzman, who did the work for Ash. He was amazing, and had such great comedic timing, I loved every second of his performance. 

I still don’t find the all around film impressive, I still think that the film itself was lacking emotion. I found at points that I really wasn’t feeling any sort of connection with the character’s themselves. The only time I felt sorry was when they captured Kristofferson, I let out a random “Oh No” and that was it. I think if there was some sort of confrontation between some of the characters, it would’ve added that extra emotion side. 

And once again, the screenplay is FREAKING amazing, best part of the film, should’ve been nominated. It’s just an amazing thing, Anderson can do with story telling, and write it so perfectly. How he doesn’t have an Oscar is a Mystery to me. 

So Overall, I had fun, but it was lacking somethings for me, so it was fine. 

3 1/2 ⭐️’s

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