Gone Girl

Gone Girl ★★

i have a love-hate relationship w this movie. or rather, i do like this movie i just don like the pale ppl who like it, which in turn kinda ruined it for me for the most part. on the one hand, amy is a formative character for me nd the reason why this was my favorite david movie for so long. hands down the mvp of fincher cinematic universe! but on the other hand, even if i loved it nd i loved her, u can never divorce art from its context or creators. it'd lose its meaning. if anything i think confusing this for a revenge tale is a mistake. confusing this for feminist text is an even bigger mistake. revenge implies catharsis in some shape or form even if there r consequences, but this is cathartic to who ? white women? this is feminism to who? white women??? this is 'good for her' her WHO?? a white ass woman ??? putrid lily white women w rotten ass brains who have the audacity to say poc who call em out on their racism r misogynistic nd abusing the race card??????? white girls who r already adamant on making libfem the limit of their critical thinking skills nd r going to die on that hill?? it's giving me dumbassery. it's giving me trickle down feminism. all those suffragettes from the jessica jones industrial complex gassed this film too much nd now theres a whole generation of harpies on twitter thinking u can b the most reprehensible human being in history w every right to get away w it because "feminism! girlboss shit!" , bc what white women actually want isnt liberation , rather they just want to have the same power as white men do, they want to lift themselves up to the same lvl as white men, they want to b as shitty as yt men ,,nd for that they will weaponize their marginalized identity/ies whenever nd wherever it benefits them. i rly cant see why else so many white bitches would ride for this movie w such intensity. i mean it essentially boils down to "why cant a WOMAN take advantage of a MAN for once???" which is uhhhh…..maybe cuz u shouldnt take advantage of anyone miss gaslight gatekeep girlboss

look. irony is. the film is, at its core, misogynistic. it is not immune to the "directed by a man" disease. the fact the book this is adapted from was written by a woman doesnt magically negate its misogyny, au contraire. the fact gillian flynn herself is a white woman just makes this even more symptomatic, funnily enough. iont care if flynn didnt intend to write amy as a (yt) feminist icon , if she only wanted to explore how complex (yt) women are, how she cleeeaarrly intended amy to b the villainess, how nobody from the audience actually likes amy ur just dumb! how im just too stupid to understand the depth of amy's role in the narrative! i means we been schooling dumbasses over that shit forever but. the author's intent dont mean shit once the audience interacts w their work. not everyone is gonna look up lost interviews on youtube to understand what every single line of dialogue means, ur work needs to speak for itself. if it's not communicating its intended meaning as its own thing while certain groups r feeling disrespected by it, maybe it failed at step 1. maybe it's not other ppl's problem, maybe u just got a case of bad taste besides a racist hyperfixation u cant let go of. nd whats more, no matter the author's intent, u cant divorce certain tings from their cultural context u just cant. thats not how it works. at the same time, a lot of a creator's work makes sense once u take into account who or what their political stances are; it's why flynn's whiteness seeps so insidiously into this. i know theres always that self important pretentious cinephile crytyping while pulling out the powerpoint slides bc normal ppl dont like their favorite movie n shit, but i was on twt when white bitches were all over amy dunne, writing 5k word thinkpieces abt how monstrous (again, WHITE) women r actually subverting stereotypes n whatever. sry but it's no use pretending that shit didnt or doesnt happen miss gaslight. i always like it when someone fights w me abt my lived experiences. nigga, like gandalf i was there! witnessed that shit in 4k!

but well, im not an idiot. i know some ppl (especially when it comes to media-related hobbies) r simply committed to misunderstanding u no matter what arguments u pull in order to protect their own interests . no matter if those interests r "i fell in love too hard n now cant let go of that dick". nothing else gets ppl more avoidant of criticism directed at their subjects of affection than riding too hard . but regardless, flynn's intentions might as well have become irrelevant to the discussion as more n more ppl saw amy dunne nd pointed "she aint doin nothing wrong!!!" "we love unhinged women!!" despite the fact amy consistently treats everyone in her life horribly, accuses men she doesnt like of rape, belittles ppl for their not-so-bourgeois lifestyles by constantly calling em trailer trash, pushes girls down stairs, nd even her "cool girl" speech feels hm. misogynistic. by the way it is framed by the movie, like shes just driving her car like most mundane ppl living in the city do at some point while fer sure talking loooots of shit abt other women who r literally just living their lives nd minding their own business, even though theres literally no men around em or anywhere in the scene. it's funny how her shitty vindictive personality shows how her character is borderline individualistic, smth very true to white feminists who like to throw anyone who isnt like them under the bus. it's no wonder they latched onto her. it's a complete corruption of intention. it's what happens to anything touched by the filthy hands of girlboss white supremacy, when u constantly consume media through the lens of pop feminism. bc any sense of nuance is bound to b lost wherever a white girl is involved (as if the part abt falsifying rape allegations wasnt bad enough)

so ur favorite movie is misogynistic, what now. i know for a fact thats funny asl , bc the fact amy dunne is paraded around for aesthetics nd a girl "power" moment, despite supposedly being this complex yet fucked up individual, was the exact point the book was tryin to criticize. amy doesnt run from her past life bc she thought it was bad, but bc she was trying to fuck w her husband. now the plot isnt meant to b a super cute aesop or a wikihow article for "" empowering "" women but god do bitches act like it is. amy's desire to break away from ppl's positive expectations of her by doing the most heinous shit possible is literally the point of the story. even the premise of "white woman uses her social standing as a white woman to her advantage so she can b a terrible sadist to her heart's content" is still an exercise of stupidity in my eyes;;; bc god, ppl of color know this shit already. it begs the question of for who was this truly written for or even if a white woman has any business telling this story in the first place, like look what happened. shit's gone fubar n now we gotta deal w a very annoying character archetype filmmakers wont stop capitalizing on. which i can only assume is the fault of the lily yt women who r holding on to the interpretation of her character as a martyr for their dear lives & twisted it to more closely reflect their agenda nd now they wont let it go. smth abt projecting so hard on a fictional character can b so personal, after all. but the matter of the fact is , bc of white feminism gone girl quit being a simple story abt a shitty woman nd her shitty husband a long time ago . shit's so wild that it relies on a pre-existing bias beforehand. this here might as well b called "missing white woman syndrome: the movie" (x). nevermind the fact that nobody woulda cared abt amy if there had been any differences in race or class (actually, the fact her parents r in fact famous ppl nd shes the basis of a famous character herself just makes this even more hilarious), this movie is so intrinsically misogynistic that it rides on the myth of false sexual assault n rape accusations as well false accounts of domestic violence. it hops on it. it's built on it nd without it it doesnt work, period.

for me theres no deep engagement w the correlation between amy's social standing as a rich white woman nd the invisible racial components that make it easier for ppl to sympathize w her. bc if she had been a black and or latina woman from the working class, ppl either wouldnt give a fuck or they would demonize her in the worst ways possible. it's like it's the perfect propaganda for the average sensationalist right-wing war on crime journalism, so much that at first it wouldnt look out of place if it had happened in the real world in real sensationalist news outlets, which brings..a whole new layer of scary realism to this. instead the narrative assumes ppl at large believe survivors when they speak up about what theyve gone through regardless of who they are. bc love wins right. it ignores things like classism or misogynoir. it assumes americans at large r sympathetic enough to make grand speeches n light candles for a missing abused woman who might b dead instead of speculating abt her sex life or whether she deserved what she got or not, nd anyone w two working braincells knows that couldnt b further from the truth of the world; it ignores that ppl at large only do bother to care abt abuse victims 1) when theyre white 2) nd have easily manipulable stories. it's especially bad when u consider abuse victims often refuse to speak up abt their abuse exactly bc they know ppl wont believe them, bc they know ppl will discredit them on their testimonies nd even hard cold proof, bc ppl will give the benefit of the doubt or enact on "innocent until proven guilty" biases for the abusers/rapists until the end, bc ppl already assume abuse survivors r always lying. the suspension of disbelief here might work for incels who make pronouns in bio jokes, but the whole thing falls apart if u dont have nostalgia goggles on

moreover; gone girl tricks u into a false sense of security. the movie pretends to acknowledge in good faith that survivors of sexual assault often dont report the crime bc they fear nobody will believe em; bc they often already know how tiring the justice system is nd don want to retraumatize themselves; bc different ppl have different ways of dealing w trauma (if youve ever heard derivatives of "ur ruining the life of a good man" comments while reporting a crime to literal authorities clap ur hands); bc theyre often the only witnesses to the crime, since most abusers r statistically likely to b close family/loved ones after all, thus making their own homes the location for the abuse to most likely take place , away from the eyes of others. but then it plot twists nd takes a woman who mightve ran away from her abusive husband nd turns her into that cunt (sic) who lies abt being physically abused nd raped, fakes her own death n then fakes a self-defense murder (that is actually just straight murder). bc really. we really, really need to bring awareness to the infinitesimally small percentage of false rape n domestic abuse accusations 😔 the characters' reactions like the mc's sister (who herself is more like a token n plot device than anything else) to this whole entire mess dont make it any better. like it just says a lot more abt them than it does amy (nd consequently what the director is tryin to convey in thanks to vaguely protagonist-centered morality making her seem worse than everybody else) . as an aha, gotcha! moment to show how much of a liar she is. bc criticizing white women by grinding down abuse victims is the way to go. i means yeah this guy is a manic pixie dream girl believer who had an affair w a 18yo, who was an ex-student on top of that, which is obviously horrible,, he does even, at the end of the movie, physically assault his wife, but instead lets focus on how women r way too believed nowadays instead of his pedo ass . when u also consider that david flasher's casting of sexual assailants is starting to become smth of a pattern too (kevin spacey, michael fassbender, jared leto..), it's rly not a good look

either way, not only that. it's already bad enough, it's already rancid enough, a la the hunt 2011 (which i HATE). but besides that much, for the film's dynamics to work, the movie relies on white women's role in society as white supremacists who hold as much power as white men in racial dynamics by weaponizing their place in societal order where they r taught from birth that they will b seen as harmless victims who r incapable of doing any wrong. i swear whoever tricked yt women into believing that acts of violence against vulnerable ppl is feminism deserves to get shot. maybe they SHOULD have burned those witches they say theyre descended from. i mean even that is misogynistic in itself right ? or misogynoiristic ? bc to rely on the basis that white women r expected to be frail nd innocent tradwives, u need to hold that model against smth else in direct opposition for it to function as a proper stereotype. u need diluted, simple concepts to make a fundamental contrast between two points in order for that same identity to persist on a systemic lvl, where individuals within that system will perpetuate both comparison points on their own (or otherwise it wouldnt survive). nd that comparison, born out of yt supremacy, is made in relation to women of color, who r attributed a myriad of negative stereotypes, like being "independent", "strong", w no need for emotional support, etc. wouldnt have no point if there wasnt anyone to oppress, after all. of course "whiteness" being a polar opposite to ppl of color's identities is just an artificial man-made hierarchy, but it is not the fault of ppl of color that it exists.

hell u could (should) make an argument that the term "women of color" is way too vague. the truth is this shit is especially worse against black women bc of how blackness is the true antithesis to whiteness in large scale western racial dynamics. bc while racism nd systemic racist models manifest differently depending on context (country, ethnicity, whatever), black ppl r placed in direct opposition to colonial whiteness in tks to our blackness. in thanks to how antiblackness in all communities give us even more hypervisibility. it's no wonder that the "let (yt) women get away w bad stuff" crowd doesnt advocate for a system that holds men accountable, but rather center their activism on further segregating themselves from black women. bc lbr, when black women pull the same stunts the crackerettes do, yknow we're in for a treat lmao. even on a regular basis the hypercriticism black women receive in comparison to women of other races is already absurd. the sisterhood is fake like a bad weave. sometimes the difference in treatment is downright scary, despite the cries of #girl power. nd what ppl dont understand is that white privilege isnt comparable to any other sort of privilege or form of oppression that marginalizes a group of ppl. being a woman or lgbt or neurodivergent is not in any way comparable to being a person of color. the implications of how ppl are connected or not to their culture. family. desirability. sense of self.. it doesnt have the same connotations at all. it doesnt erase the other oppressions white ppl from these groups face, but it does completely change how it happens. it gets worse when u remember that these oppressions r intricately intertwined n constructed from racism + colonialism, which r at the roots of most social issues. this lopsided equivalency is just not gonna cut it, nd, tbf, it comes across as being disingenuous if it's not a point being made by a person of color. when white people in marginalized groups try to say we have the same/ similar type of struggle all it does is invalidate my own experiences as a black person, especially as one that also falls under other labels (nonbinary, etc)

all this "empowerment" truly does is throw all poc under the bus. u cant approach media like this forgetting white (cishet AND lbt alike) women uphold&defend&benefit from white supremacy. they enslaved, tortured, murdered n raped africans just like cishet white men did. in fact, they were notorious for raping black men then accusing em of rape (which in retrospect, just makes gone girl sound in even more poor taste imo). white women+eel gee bee tees' evil colonial past is smth that has already been extensively talked abt before (tommy j curry's "the man-not", bennett jr's "before the mayflower", jones-rogers' "they were her property", puar's "terrorist assemblages", gerald horne's "the united states and the war against zimbabwe" too i think, not to come through w a whole ass bibliography for this shit but these r just some examples). so many of these bitches r cruel yet almost always get away w it bc of the assumed fragility nd innocence society assigns em, especially against moc, espeeecially against black men. white women's tears r historically shed purposely w the intent to harm. they know what nd that they r doing it. they know their hysterics get black people harmed nd killed, it gets em what they want. all they have to do is show some sign of distress nd everybody sides w em, nd thats the scary thing called weaponized white femininity. it is this same sauce that was used to cook whatver the fuck amy dunne is, nd what she actually represents. it is this same sauce, w a healthy dose of peppered lack of self awareness, that has these crowds screaming that they need to "invent female toxicity". or a new tiktok trend that has black ppl reliving their racial trauma. nothing exists in a vacuum. u cant divorce things from- blah blah etcetc

but! thats just context. the point is. white women's white fragility comes from whiteness. that comes from. racial relations nd racism. even if amy's white fragility isnt directly weaponized against marginalized racial groups (at least not as narrated by the plot as it is, though it can b assumed for funnyman points), it cant b divorced from its roots as a tool of white supremacy. it's still in itself relevant enough that ppl of color (especially black ass ppl) have taken notice of it through the patterns in which they happen. bc unfortunately it's not uncommon for any person of color or especially any black girl to have had a bad run-in w a white woman who was probably not even aware of how she is able to easily navigate through a racist world carelessly w her toxicity in thanks to her whiteness. from my own personal experiences most of my racial trauma has come from dealing w white wlw. the marginalized aspects of their identities, like their condition as women, did nothing to alleviate their racism nd their white tears or white guilt. it only made it so they could drag everyone around em down w em bc of their perceived frailty, bc ppl would nod their heads when these women hid behind their labels, as breaking away from that same assumed vulnerability in destructive ways was read as a power move. when, ironically, they would also criticize white men for their misogyny nd make white ppl jokes on the side like. sharon,,thats ur cousin. thats ur first degree cousin, babe. i know u been tweeting abt allyship fatigue , but in ur heart u been thinking "how did i end up stuck in the colored section", i can see that!

white men’s racism has been subject to critical discussion for longer than i have been alive nd sure, this is obvs more visible in spaces where cishet white men arent welcome nd everyone feels like being a #blm ally. but the very second women of color (again, especially black women, nd especially black trans wlw) wanna talk abt the very specific tactics that white bitches use to terrorize communities of color, ur gon hear cries of misogyny until ur ears bleed. fr like idk which yt person needs to hear this but prioritizing white women over white men like it makes a huge fucking difference isnt the big diversity win yall think it is. it doesnt matter if the criticism is given on a systemic or interpersonal lvl, in a indirect manner or using actual academic backups.,, yt ppl always end up feeling so, so personally attacked when their behavior is brought out as a matter of discussion, that they turn around nd point fingers nd expect others to treat em w kids' gloves every single time. it happens in academic spaces. it happens in fandom spaces. it happens in every day life. it happens when theres drama going on in the gc. it happens when ur white mutual catches u thoughtlessly complaining abt sumn theeey like. it happens when directors like david flusher think theyre well equipped to talk abt white on white crime unironically. it happens whenever a movie "empowering" white women or painting em as sensitive allies comes out: lady bird, little women, the help, captain marvel, black widow, fucking midsommar, suspiria, bird box, the hunger games, promising young woman, wonder woman, sharp objects, stoker, raw, jennifer's body, every single historical lesbian movie w white leads to have come out in the past yrs. just to name a few on top of my head

nothing amy does in the film comes as a surprise to me. again, i do enjoy her vengeful character; she isnt a victim, shes a sadist who craves attention nd a stroked ego at all times. i knew that girl, i sat besides her in class. nd at least that works, bc ben affleck's char is a man nd an asshole nd watching his fall is cathartic to some extent bc we hate (white) men as a class etctera we been knew. seeing men getting fucked is cathartic. but... like i am a man hate defender usually but these girls.. yall r dumb. 😭 for me amy's the blueprint for a very specific character archetype that i love to see that i personally like to call lecter-lite in my head. but it's very disturbing to me how whiteness is a lens that clouds ppl's judgement, even among self-proclaimed 'progressive'/leftist spaces. i do feel like online white people especially r willing, at any given time, to throw away their principles for the sake of the media they enjoy, without realizing how screwed up it can be. im not sure if it's a consequence of the entitlement they were taught to feel during their whole lives in thanks to white supremacy being the norm, in thanks to how they dont need to "see color" or correlate their race to their actions, if it's a consequence of how online safe spaces refuse to let leftists work on their antiracism. idk if colonization is so rooted in mainstream culture that they dont realize theyre not above racism no matter how much they read marx, or if it's a personal issue that makes em take every bit of critical thought so personally, to the point criticism becomes "hate" that is rebuked by a claim of i AM woke actually! youre just a misogynist for hating on a iconique girlbossy! u blancofemophobic black cunt! u gone girl anti! without realizing theyre turning that particular piece of media into a part of their personality or identity (sometimes just for the sake of fucking w poc bc white ppl r evil like that)

i feel like this is becoming a staple for david flincher movies too. not to derail, but in-between this nd seven nd zodiac nd mindhunter nd hell even that girl w the dragon tattoo, the man's clearly adamant on trying to turn white crime in thriller movies into smth entertaining whn those r some truly muddy waters to b treading in, cuz i cant think of a subgenre that is worse racialized , especially when it comes to cinema oldheads nd their tendency to put filmmakers on a pedestal—nd we all know that the only ppl who can match cinephiles when it comes to having an unhealthy obsession w celebrities to the point of being extremely obnoxious abt it r music fanatics. it doesnt matter if we're talking abt directors or actors or whatver, the average cinema fan WILL suck dick umprompted nd project upon the famous movie man like their lives depend on it until said man inevitably disappoints the grander public by virtue of being just another human being who like any other in their field has been corrupted by their unlimited access to wealth nd hoes nd coke. nd even THEN u still will find ppl riding for em once they get outed as racists or homophobes or ableists or abusers... theres like. a fine line between loving the works of a certain artist nd being so defensive of everything they shit out to the point of acting like huge weirdos when ppl dont like it,,,,,,,,,

nd this is especially bad for fanbases like flincher's that is composed majorly of white fans sucking up to their favorite white director nd his white villains nd their deeds. it has everything to do w being able to thoughtlessly like certain things bc ur white n thus privileged enough to b able to "ignore stuff abt race". it's especially bad when u remember that ppl who r obsessed w overanalyzing media (mainly ""dark fiction"") usually prioritize being smart over being kind nd dont give a single fuck abt the concerns of minority groups who end up getting fucked over by cinema man number 5984's most recent fuckup. who prioritize being smart over being kind like it's some form of god given enlightenment. it's snowflake behavior. it's "im not like those other girls" behavior. it's also very annoying , bc while someone’s content can nd, by all means, should, impact ur life in a meaningful way nd stay w you, you do not know that person or what they do behind closed doors. idk at which point that starts counting as a committed parasocial relationship w two kids three dogs nd a picket white fence (or wtv that word even means nowadays), but it becomes a problem when this devotion gets to stans' heads so much. like sharon, thats just Some Guy who makes movies. it's annoying cuz youll say u dont like sumn n all of a sudden a nigga u dont know will come outta nowhere n say they like that thing like nigga iont care n didnt ask go away. and even THEN not everything has to b super deep 4everyone. u can just enjoy things or hate em n scratch on the surface n move on it's fiiine. if u want an academic essay on everything catering to ur tastes then how bout U do it, damn. ppl of color (especially black women) arent mules whose time n energy ur entitled to , they dont gotta educate u or do ur work for u

which prompts me to ask. what kind of drugs do yall take n where can i get some? is it the cinematic studies kind of drugs? fr i know next to nothin abt zero fucking celebrities. all i end up learning is done against my will, usually in the form of receipts. life is so much better when u dont care abt any of this shit nd just vibe, good lord. i wonder how much it takes for one person to realize theyve gotta stop investing time energy or hopes of true social justice or communism in big production films or individual millionaires from the entertainment industry at that. literally no famous person is the good samaritan u think they r cuz having that much money nd power nd following does usually distance ppl from basic human morals, when even a normal human person already does have the potential to b disgusting or plain stupid,, like if ur a good person then redistribute ur wealth maybe? i thought this was capitalism class struggle stuff 101. fame doesnt magically make any of these rich bitches impervious to criticism or random dudes on the internet like me not liking slash caring abt em or what they do or to seek a deeper meaning in their content beneath all the pile of racism. nd yes im specifically talking abt big name "elders" nd "old legends". ultimately all of em would rather protect their own pockets n copyrights than any sort of community. it's even more jarring when self appointed commies stand up for em, like when did we miss basic ass instructions. it's all "eat the rich! fuck rich ppl! guillotine!" until it's 4pm babe wake up time to defend the transgressions of the most boring looking sounding cishet white women on earth. idk maybe b like, less obsessed w looking for bourgeoise approval to exist instead of making long twt threads abt how we shouldnt come for x famous artist bc of xyz, bro. or at least dont b offended that there r folks out there who dont agree that such a wealthy person, at the height of their privileges, is not the woke king or kween u think they are

and i swear. it's unnerving that david pitcher has done more to idolize serial killers nd killer adjacents while sympathizing w cops or white criminals than ppl wanna admit, whether he has "intended" it that way or not. he nd tentin quarantino r two figures i think of when i picture white ppl culture. even if pitcher is trying to discuss the flaws of the police force in his movies like ppl say he does (i compl disagree w that reading but we move), theres no denying the damage done. theres so much u can do before u start lionizing the group ur trying to criticize. sure, you dont need to patronize ur audience nd belittle their intelligence. if youre writing in fears of mobs of terminally online nerds nd not for fun/art/whatvr then yeah, youve already lost the game. fictional stories dont need to immediately explain themselves in order to b good. writers shouldnt have to feel the need to explain every minute detail , launching any sense of ambiguity inside a rocket straight into space n beyond to never b seen again, leaving no room for mystery or interpretation or intellectual exercise. theres no "right way" to write or direct, art is just like that. but..this is not abt that, nd it's annoying that ppl repeatedly bring up this argument when ppl of color r trying to talk abt how fiction impacts reality nd their lives n viceversas. theres no right way to write, but there is a way to listen when it comes to politics. it doesnt matter how much u might ride for smth or how good or bad u think its "objective" quality might be, ur elevated craft nd pretentious movie message isnt more important than the concerns of real fucking ppl. ur favorite moving picture wont quit being fash propaganda, or blood libel, or minstrelsy, or yellow peril, just cuz u want to. prioritizing the voices of ppl from groups u dont belong to who r being targeted by propaganda or stereotypes over ur own personal preferences shouldnt even b that hard. if u cant maintain a consistent critical lens for what u interact with, b it as creator or audience, u just suck at ur job ig. maybe some grass touching therapy could fix it

and yeah sure. being such a hardcore stan can b fun n healthy provided ur not acting like an entitled dick abt it, the nature of humanity is that we love watching n listening to other humans telling stories, real or not, humans love to feel like they know ppl theyve never or will never meet, relating to em nd finding meaning in things; it can b a good normal thing to do. but! theres a line u cant cross. i do think all the shitstorm becomes a matter of concern when youve got the mainstream public super horny for serial killers while teenage white girls reblog jeffrey dahmer's mugshot nd a bloodied amy dunne in lingerie nd tate langdon gifs on tumblr (like gandalf, i was also there). maybe, just maybe, at some point things that ppl just see as theory have tangible effects in the real world. u gotta excuse that leaving a bad taste in ppl's mouths. u cant divorce things from their societal context unless u make ur intentions clear within ur body of work in some way or the other; nd even so; nd even flinster's films arent that case where the mainstream audience has misread the themes he's discussing bc of some misaimed allegory. to sum it up: ppl approach true crime w voyeuristic eyes, as this morbid death fetishism thing they can interact w from the safety of their homes, as opposed for what it actually is: a result of the incompetence slash malice of cops&the victimhood of white women bc of the structural powers that hold these forces together, much to their luck. profiling is useless (nd racist), serial killers get away w their crimes bc they target disenfranchised minorities, most victims r only documentary-worthy when theyre white, most "charistimatic" true crime icons r actually just sex predators , nd most crime thriller villains based on em have their actions misinterpreted or excused bc theyre . also white. instead of it being bc theyre these evil geniuses theyre painted to be; as convincingly as flinster wants u to believe they are. john doe, the zodiac killer, ed kemper n charles manson r not super interesting evil geniuses. amy dunner is not a super interesting evil genius. nor is she charismatic.. shes just a white woman

i mean yeah sure. ppl who r cinephiles, cinematic experts or what have yous consider david pitcher a classic for many reasons. im p sure hes in fact often copied (either in style or language or subject) bc of the cinematic craft his works display. the way he tilts the camera to the right instead of the left to give a super complex insight into his mind nd show how he cares abt ppl actually has been dissected ad nauseam in every circle as a simple general example nd model. fight club is his peak cinematic height or sum shit. but to me thats just another proof of celebrity worship as this huge, huge mistake. all we get from this is white david flinch stans coming to black me (nd other black girls) telling us how mindhunter isnt copaganda actually!!! the protags r all good cops yet flawed ppl how could it be!! no one unironically says gone girl is feminist you just cant understansdsdsdSDZDSDSZDSDSZDSDZDDSSD LORDT tears in my eyes tears in my fucking eyes why would anybody. tase me again . personally i think if ur racist nd u like racist media u can just choose... not to consume it but. buuuut im no film expert, im just a random bitch w a hobby who sometimes likes tings. nd the thing abt gone girls in specific is that, no, im not talking abt ALL white ppl. i mean yeah all white ppl suck we been there, but im specifically talking abt the section of women/women aligned ppl who do experience misogyny under a patriarchal society yet simultaneously benefit from colonialism/racism/imperialism/white supremacy/etc in their own ways bc of their race. like those r not mutually exclusive. unfortunately this notion that oppressed ppl cant oppress other classes (or even betray their own class) is a very dangerous misconception that has ppl hiding behind their identity in order to justify the most horrendous of shit. it's bizarre. they want to address structural racism w their "heart" when "heart" is completely irrevelant. white girlboss power fantasy movies dont get shit done lmao. im a mean nigga so i laugh when that crowd gets read for filth 😭 like have u thought abt stanning mother earth instead ? i think we should stan mother earth.

i know i say this a lot abt bad movies that i love, but i used to like gone girl greatly for what it is : a tale of a bigger predator preying on another smaller, cheating ass grooming ass predator. it's easy to dismis criticism of this movie as misogyny bc "ppl hate it cuz girls like it" or that we're supposedly sympathizing w horrid shitty men, but at some point u gotta recognize that just bc cishet men hate a piece of media it doesnt mean u have to close ur critical eye for it. their judgement is not believable, but so isnt yours. nd ppl of color, the non-coons the non-pickmes, see that shit, no matter how many tokens youve collected throughout ur life to comfort u n pat u on the back when some melanated person calls u out. especially if youre a yt woman and or lgbt person, two hypervisible groups already known for not acknowledging their racism while being shitty to the ppl of color who r also part of those communities, as they think their oppression or application of critical theory or background in academia renders em incapable of being agents of racism. this movie cannot possibly b abt just "what if those horrible things happened in real life !" bc.....they already DO. they do happen irl. at least the ending does a good job in being realistic asf bc yes, most of the time yt ppl do get away unscathed w the terrible shit they do , it's even why i think they n the lena dunhams of life need to opt out of society forever. gone girl is literally just what happens when u let white women write out their fantasies of enacting violence on ppl, nd it's upsetting that leftist whites render it as flawless just coz incels hate it . like when did they become the basis for anything . nd anyways. if yall can get how we're wary of cishet men who r too into fight club, u can understand why ppl of color side eye mayonoids whose favorite movie is gone girl or who joke abt supporting amy dunne. but lemme shut up before the fincher truthers come for my motherfucking ass 😭 i think feminism should b for everyone BUT white stans of rosamind pike nd the i care a lots of the world. when will she fuck off into irrelevancy

quick edit// im adding a disclaimer bc i see ppl continously miss my point by stating "all em characters r supposed to b bad/jerks/whatever" like i dont remember ever stating otherwise lmao. i went out of my way to even call out affleck's character's sister n shit. patrick harris' char is already a nice guy creep even before the whole captivity thing nd the one scene wonder guy lunching w affleck is just a fratboy plot device. like. the point isnt that all of these characters r morally reprehensible anyways so the geared criticism towards amy is pointless, but rather that the way in which shes portrayed feeds into larger white feminist culture that rewards white women for writing out fantastical revenge tales while failing to acknowledge the structural power they already have, no matter what they do or who theyre weaponizing it against. the fact that all of the ppl in this movie r assholes or that amy is "supposed" to b a villain is almost irrevelant to what im trying to say tbh. shes supposed to b a villain, shes supposed to b bad anyways, but thats not the issue. it's not the problem thats shes a politically incorrect villain but rather that shes treated as the opposite of such. the issue is that ppl legitimately take characters like her as an inclusivity win like my black ass isnt supposed to side eye white women feeling empowered by her "im a cunt" line when yall already cunts without even trying but get away w anything, while black girls r cunts nd get the short end of the stick just for not smiling for 2secs like. yall dont even know what being a cunt really is, ur just white. u can have a cast full of assholes without falling into white feminist power rethoric n archetypes, i promise you. i feel like ppl use the "theyre all assholes anyways" as an end-all argument nd excuse not to think for a min when it comes to how the audience interacts w these characters, especially when we're in an age where frankly that shit is already trendy in one way or the other; what does happen is that white audiences r infinitely harsher judging the morally grey/reprehensible/ambiguous actions of characters of color than that of white characters, who have their defense squads vagueposting abt me n other niggas when we express discomfort. i dont care if ppl love or hate this or not, but when they act like it's "just" a film abt a shitty woman (vague) like it exists in a bubble, thats the problem lol.. like i said. i like the film, i like amy, i just don like the sus white women who r so keen to jump to her defense. also if u want to reduce this to me taking obvious jokes abt her being a girlboss or not doing anything wrong too srsly ur a lost cause idk what to say other than i hate yall white women so much that i actually want to b called a misogynist at this point

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