The Batman

The Batman ★★★★★

First Impressions: 
When I first saw The Dark Knight I said that there would never be a better superhero movie than it and I said with certainty that nobody would ever make a better Batman. Matt Reeves has proven me wrong twice tonight. Nobody has ever done the Batman story like this before. This is Gotham as you have never seen it, the Riddler as you have never seen him, and The Batman as you have never seen him. He is inexperienced, vulnerable, undisciplined, he makes mistakes, and he loses control which makes him one of the most human superheroes ever seen on film. Heath Ledger’s Joker once said that the Batman would have to kill him to get what he wanted, and Bale’s Batman refused. The new Batman would have done it in a heartbeat. The Riddler is taken straight from a horror movie. He is terrifying and mysterious while also relatable in an odd way and is elevated by the fact that he makes a good point, which really shocked me. Zoë Kravitz is amazing as usual and she really nailed the aesthetic of Catwoman in a way that nobody else has. The technical elements are all there unsurprisingly, but the score and soundtrack really shine. The Batman really excels because it destroys the cookie cutter format of superhero movies commonly seen today. Unlike most of the blockbuster movies of today, everything in this movie could happen or has happened which makes it way more relatable than a epic space battle or monumental final battle ever could be. In truth, The Batman is more of a psychological thriller and dectective story than a superhero movie but it is in the top of it’s class no matter what genre you classify it as.

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