The Godfather

The Godfather ★★½

XANGA Round 6 – Film 1

This film was also a part of my Letterboxd Seasonal Challenge 6 - Letterboxd Top 250 Week

"Don't ever ask me about my business"

Suddenly all the film and TV references and parodies make more sense no I’ve watched one of cinema’s most Iconic films. I can’t fault this on a technical level everything works so smoothly to make the atmosphere of the mood and story come together, the great score and set designs, brilliant performances and it had some really well shot gun fights and bloody violence and I can see the appeal this film has on its audience.

This was a well made film but this film was not made for me, just like a meal that doesn’t satisfy your palate or leaves a bad taste in your mouth you would not say it’s a good meal although others might. If a movies story fails to captivate my interest then it has failed me personally and I feel justified giving it a low score despite there being nothing wrong with the film on a technical level. There were many segments I did find interesting mostly the violent battles but not enough to keep me interested throughout the 3 hour runtime. Even though these kind of dramas involving gangsters and mafia are not really my personal interest and I have a hard time investing in the stories there telling some films with these themes have managed to intrigue me with this concept done in a way that caters to my personal interest but this film failed in that department.

The only thing I can say I got out of watching this is saying I’ve seen one of the most popular films in movie culture and now I’m free of curiosity and I have no plans to finish the trilogy.

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