Knives Out

Knives Out ★★★½

2019 Ranked
Genre Challenge

I quiet enjoy this take on the murder mystery story it had a nice similar feel to an Agatha Christie tale and a lot of well written characters.

The score and cinematography and set design set the perfect atmosphere to get its audience in the mood to watch the mystery unfold and the story was well paced with cleverly written characters as it feed us bits and pieces of clues to try and make sense of. The cast was truly the stand out of this film, each actor giving a stellar performance all uniquely written stereotypes fitting well into the mystery seeming innocent but all slowly revealing their flaws. I also found it refreshing that a lot of the story had fresh quirky twist that made this a more unpredictable film among others of its kind.

Jamie Lee Curtis owned every scene that she was in as a great comedic actress, Toni Collette brought a nice melodrama to the plot, Ana De Armas made a very good heroine and brought heart to the story which gave it a good emotional depth and Daniel Craig did a good job leading us through this mystery. This film was a fun time and one of the stand outs of the year.

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