Inside ★★★★

Horror Hunt 2020
Foreign Film Quest

So Bloody 🩸 So Disturbing 🔪  so Twisted 😱so French 🇫🇷

I didn’t think I would find a more twisted film since I witnessed Martyrs…… I was wrong
I went into this thinking it was going to be a hand that rocks the cradle kind of stalker thriller but the experience I got was even more chaotic and enjoyable. From the beginning it hits you with emotional depth as we see a grieving widow struggling to deal with her depression of being due for birth and the loss of her husband in a car crash and then one dark night there’s a knock on the door, a mysterious lady is trying to get into the house this sets up a nice creepy atmosphere because the intensions of this woman are kept a mystery all we learn is she wants to take this baby from her womb is she a cultist or just a psychopath who craves motherhood and is willing to steal this baby to get it, it was great going in blind on her intensions cause it made the whole experience more terrifying and then there was so much bloody violence which of course made it better as I’m such a gorehound. Just when you think it can’t get more wild and violent the final act happens as we see these character face off and battle for survival and mutilate each other with a great twist reveal that makes sense of why this woman wants this baby so bad and the last minutes of this film when she gives birth will haunt my dreams forever.

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