Dopesick ★★★★★

Really engrossing and infuriating material.

Dopesick also showed me something I hadn’t seen before - an addict (Michael Keaton) in rehab genuinely nervous that the program won’t work, that he’ll get out and just start using again. He sees how many of these addicts are there for their third or fourth time, and it makes him antsy - and his eventual relapse feels almost like a self-fulfilling prophecy. He’s given permission, in a sense, to start using again - because he can always go back, right? Unless, of course, he dies. There’s such an uneasiness in Keaton’s performance, a belief that none of this is going to work - and it makes me quite eager to see his performance in Clean and Sober from three decades prior.

Anyway, the Sackler family should be in prison for life.