La La Land

La La Land ★★★★★

I've just rewatched la la land with my sister and it is still a masterpiece. This film is the definition of art in film. I love every bit about this film. This is my old review of la la land and I think it still represents how I feel and think about this film.

Omg, what a film. Damien chazelle and jazz creates cinema. This film is art. Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone are great protagonists and really help elevate this film. Great cinematography and music. That opening had my foot tapping and that was a sign for me that I would enjoy this film. Damien chazelle is such a great director and I can't wait to see his future films. I would be there on day 1 in the cinema when he releases his next film. The visuals and colours are so colourful and vibrant and I love it. Great ending and Great acting from all cast members. Whiplash, Babylon and now la la land, this man creates cinematic masterpieces. This film was so upbeat and somber at the same time with two protagonists who you learn from their perspectives which creates such an interesting story. I can talk about this film for hours. I Loved this film. I recommend it if you like dramas, musicals and romantic comedies.

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