Creed II

Creed II ★★★★½

Creed 2 is what I call a brilliant sequel. Michael b Jordan was great again as Adonis. The training scenes in this film are one of the best in the rocky franchise. I loved the scenes with Tessa Thompson and Michael b Jordan, they were great together in the film. Sylvester Stallone as rocky was brilliant as always. But the Drago storyline in this film, I loved it. It was great to see Ivan Drago's son fight creed. Great ending to the film and because this might be the last film with rocky in it, I loved how they leave the character in the end. This is my honest opinion, I prefer this film to creed 1. They are both brilliant films but I just preferred the fights and stuff in this film. This was great character development for adonis and u can't wait to see his character next. This was a brilliant sequel to a beloved franchise. A great watch.

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