Black Widow

Black Widow ★★

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

i’m bored so here’s a legit review of this and why i didn’t like it
i hated the opening credits 
a majority of the dialogue is just on the nose explaining point points so u end up not rly caring about anyone or anything 
the big final plan scene is ruined by flashbacks of them explaining the plan when they easily could’ve just showed us it in action 
the end credits was awful we rly can’t just have one stand alone thing made it feel like a bullshit ad for disney plus my friend did make a rly funny edit for that end credits scene tho
florence pugh is incredibly wasted like over 80% of her dialogue r just shitty quips and whenever her character tried to make real emotional moments it’s ruined by david harbour making quips 
the extremely surface level themes abt the psychological effect of being trafficked is the same thing ppl criticized joker for but seems to forget abt that when talking abt this movie. it has absolutely nothing to say abt an extremely real and emotional topic and it’s kinda a disgrace that they included it at all 
over 90% of the jokes weren’t funny and this movie just felt extremely unimportant
scarlett johansson is ok but she rly doesn’t do anything it’s the same boring character we’ve seen for years
24 movies in and black widow still has like no character 
task master was awful an idea that i actually liked is wasted by no screen time and just an incredibly boring slow character 
the other villain dude sucked i mean seriously dude didn’t put a password on his master plan tablet and he was just kinda like there idk 
someone def watched quantum of solace and the rest of the james bond movies (there’s literally a james bond scene in the movie) and slapped a marvel name on it for some cash 
overall it’s pretty lame and doesn’t do much well however i did have a fun time watching it so that’s worth something 
i’m probably forgetting a lot of other criticisms i had but oh well this movie is very forgettable

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