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  • Donnie Darko
  • Videodrome
  • First Reformed
  • Addams Family Values

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  • Bad Taste


  • Let the Right One In


  • Frankenhooker


  • Tromeo & Juliet


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  • Bad Taste

    Bad Taste


    Proof that you can make a great film with very little money, you just have to be a genius.

    Seriously though, watch this at half speed, figure out what Jackson did to achieve these insane shots, effects and stunts and you have an honest to God masterclass in making an action film on no budget. Jackson prioritises kinetic and inventive ways to block and shoot a scene and it pays off so well. Even when the framing is a little…

  • Frankenhooker



    Was worried a horror-comedy about a man who kills a bunch of sex workers to harvest their body parts wouldn't feel too good to watch in 2022, but NOPE, it's fucking incredible. A biting satire of society's ability to dehumanize sex workers (and women in general). Objectification taken to its extreme as Jeffrey literally takes measurements trying to find the perfect breasts and legs for his new partner. His justifications in killing a bunch of crack addicted sex workers paraphrase…

Popular reviews

  • Tenet


    Letterboxd needs a question mark rating.

    My brain refuses to process things that mess around with our linear perspective of time so large sections of this were just incomprehensible to me. It's not helped by an absolute dearth of well-paced exposition or explaining because apparently people complained about that in his previous films even tho that wasn't the problem ( Inception turns it into a goofy art), it was people thinking they were the goddamn smartest films evur. Despite being…

  • Licorice Pizza

    Licorice Pizza


    A dizzying romantic fantasy in which a pudgy 15 year old guy romances an unbelievably cool Jewish girl 10 years his senior and it’s only slightly creepy. Continues PTAs obsession with people finding “happiness” in ways that seem totally unhealthy and harmful from the outside but somehow lead to a twisted equilibrium.

    Was worried this would destroy me after a recent… well not breakup but something, but thankfully this is all about the thrill of the new, the intoxicating excitement…