Sick ★★★★½

Leave it to Kevin Williamson to deliver one of the best slashers of the past 10 years. The girls gays and they’s are trembling

Sick is a relentless experience; a lean, mean-spirited white-knuckle thrill ride high on tension and light on excess fat. A blood-soaked adrenaline rush hellbent on toying with its characters and audience - a ruthless exercise in top tier slasher thrills.

Williamson is absolutely flexing his muscles here, fabricating a slasher that, after it’s standard first act of character building, is essentially one long chase scene; and an amazingly tense one at that. It’s an incredibly effective thrill ride, a slice of slasher cinema that is undoubtedly one of the strongest the sub-genre has seen in a while.

It’s timely themes surrounding Covid were surprisingly well-executed, and not as eye-rolling inducing as covid-themed narratives have often been. Playing upon our quarantine nightmares with surprisingly fresh, fun and often funny results. Whilst I can see how the natural progression of how it plays into the narrative being a divisive one between audiences, I for one enjoyed its evolution and pay-off within Sick, being laced with the signature Williamson flare we expect from his body of work.

Alone director John Hyams feels like the most perfect candidate to bring its sharp script to life, bashing us over the head with stylish cinematography and a vicious eye of effective tension. Everything here works to a near-perfect symphony, and a world where Williamson and Hyam’s join forces for more horror movies is one I certainly want to live in.

Williamson is back on his A-game here, and it feels as though it’s what the genre needs again much like how it did back in the late ‘90’s; Kevin Williamson genre domination. Here’s hoping we won’t have to wait so long next time.

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